Can The Attorney You Choose Determine The Outcome Of Your Case?

Law Books webWhen you are looking for an attorney in Atlanta, you need to look for a full service law firm. You want one that employs enough attorneys that each can specialize in a specific type of case. You want one that has the financial capabilities to provide you with the best legal representation available. You want one that has lawyers who care about what has happened to you and not just see you as another number in their long line of cases.

You want the Law Offices of Kenneth S. Nugent.

Your Choice Of Attorney Can Impact Your Case

Not all law firms are the same. Attorneys may practice the same forms of law, but they all do not practice law in the same way. Many attorneys who specialize in personal injury cases become very complacent. They handled each case in the same manner, they look for a settlement instead of a court battle, and they blend all types of injuries into the same type of settlement. They want it easy and quick.

This is not the way to handle an injury case. Each injury and accident is different. Each set of circumstances is unique. The impact that the injury has on someone’s life is very personal and different for each individual. You cannot combine all injuries into a cookie-cutter format; you must see each person as an individual and handle the case in that manner.

When Ken Nugent started his law firm over 30 years ago, he made a promise to provide excellent legal services. He made a commitment to represent each case as a unique case and provide excellent legal services to everyone who entered his office.

His reputation for excellence and compassion quickly spread, and his firm began to expand. He needed to bring additional attorneys on-board to keep up with demand. He kept his promise of excellent service by only hiring lawyers who were skilled and caring.

Now, after so much time has passed, The Law Offices of Kenneth S. Nugent are located in seven different locations in Georgia. Each location is staffed with professional and caring attorneys and staff, and the reputation of the firm is still as it was when Ken Nugent first began. People know that they can rely on this law firm for excellent and personalized representation in their personal injury case.

All cases are handled as individual events and all clients are treated as unique individuals with unique circumstances. Each attorney is equipped with the experience and knowledge necessary to take a case to court if necessary, and each will aggressively represent their clients.

Your choice in a law firms does matter. You want your personal injury case represented by someone who cares if your life has been turned chaotic by this event. You want the experience and knowledge of several attorneys backing your case. You want to be seen as an individual with real problems and real needs. You want to be represented by the Law Offices of Kenneth S. Nugent.